Module 1, Lesson 1
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Images, colour, words

We don’t brand for ourselves; we brand for our customers.  So, what is it about them that you need to know?  What is their age, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, education level?

We once had a fantastic poster for a family program we were running, this poster showed a family silhouette.  We did this deliberately to avoid any reference to parental age or family ethnicity.  It took years for us to realise that we depicted a father (man), mother (woman) and a male and female child (and a dog 😊).  What message were we conveying to single parent families?  To same-sex parented families? 

Pink butterfly’s might be beautiful, but do they align with who you are trying to pitch to?  If your ideal client is a 40-year-old professional male, will pink butterflies work?

If your business name stems from an old novel you once loved, will this speak to an 18 year old with an intellectual disability, or his/her family?  Maybe don’t have a person jumping into the air, if your key demographic is people with mobility issues.

These questions need to be asked and answered before you move forward.  You can come up with ideas and test them on people you know – on people who reflect your key targets.

You might want to use your name “Samantha Jones Holistic Health”? Your might want a location-based business name “Blackwood Consulting”?