Module 1, Lesson 1
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Case Study

Luz and Iris worked together at the same job. Initially, both engaged in bad habits. Luz smoked a pack of cigarettes every day, and Iris was addicted to sweets. During their training, they both decided to follow the course’s advice and began keeping a daily gratitude journal. Luz didn’t do her gratitude journal at the same time every day, but was more haphazard about it.

After a week she had stopped. Iris on the other hand drank coffee every morning and decided to use making her coffee as her cue to write in her gratitude journal. When she asked her friend Luz how she was doing on her journal, Luz told her. Iris suggested that Luz try doing her journal at the same time each day by attaching it to another action that Luz did daily. Soon both were feeling more upbeat about life. They decided to get into the habit of working out together after work. As a result of this new habit, Luz decided to quit smoking, and Iris began to change her diet.

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