Module 1, Lesson 1
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Case Study

Wendy had just been promoted to a supervisor position. Over the ensuing weeks her best friend Angela had grown more distant. Angela began showing up late to work on a regular basis. At first, it was just a couple of minutes, but eventually Angela would show up 20 minutes late or more. Wendy considered why Angela was showing up late. One thought that occurred to Wendy was that Angela was jealous, but she discarded that thought because she knew it wasn’t fair to Angela. Wendy considered another possibility – Angela was afraid Wendy would change now that she was in a management position. Perhaps this was Angela’s way of forcing a confrontation to determine how much Wendy had changed.

Wendy considered that a possibility but she also wondered if Angela might be going through problems of her own that had nothing to do with Wendy. Even if Angela was worried that the nature of their working relationship had changed, Wendy couldn’t dispute this because it had changed. Wendy wondered if she could still have a friendship with Angela outside of work. She decided to invite Angela to join her for drinks after work one day and ask her why she was always late. Wendy valued her friendship with Angela and wanted it to continue, but this new promotion was equally important to her. Wendy decided that if this promotion was the reason Angela was late all the time, then Wendy would ask Angela if she needed to change teams or ask her what other solutions they might arrive at together.  If that wasn’t the reason, then Wendy could find out why and work with Angela to help her.

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