Module 1, Lesson 1
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An Exercise in Mindfulness and Gratitude

In addition to keeping a daily gratitude journal, there are other ways to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude.” Here are steps for a simple exercise in gratitude that also incorporate the concept of mindfulness:

  • Think of something for which you are NOT grateful.
  • Once you have this thing that you are unhappy about in mind, be it a situation, person, place, or something else; now begin to focus on aspects of it that are good. If this is a person with whom you are unhappy, you can focus on traits about that person that you do like, traits that you are grateful for. If this is a situation, focus on the elements in that situation with which you are happy.
  • If you have other areas in your life for which you are unhappy, try applying the previous two steps towards that situation.
  • Try this exercise daily in addition to keeping a gratitude journal.