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Aggression and Violence


Aggressive behaviours try to bully the other person into doing something whether they want to or not.
When people behave aggressively, they don’t acknowledge the other person’s feelings or needs.
Instead, they want the other person to give in.



Violence can be physical, psychological and/or sexual all of which are illegal.
Violence has serious emotional and physical consequences or the victim and perpetrator.
Violence is aimed to dominate, control and intimate a person


Anger: An emotional and biological response within a person
Aggression: A behavioural response with the intent to intimidate for the purpose of influencing others*
Violence: A behavioural response with the intent to harm someone or something(physically, psychologically)

ANGER does not HARM others
AGGRESSION can HARM others psychologically, emotionally
VIOLENCE has the intent to HARM others physically and/or psychologically.


How can someone calm or release anger without acting out aggressively or violently?  Have you experienced or witnessed this?  Has this changed from you since childhood?  If so how?
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