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Corporate settings

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Corporate settings

While the evidence proving the benefits of mindfulness across populations would clearly demonstrate the benefits in corporate settings, there may still be some reluctance by some individuals or businesses to consider mindfulness. For some mindfulness is associated with alternative or spiritual practices which might not have a traditional place in the workplace. Understanding how to explain mindfulness, its practice and benefits in a variety of ways to support the needs of the ‘corporate’ client and essentially to ‘sell’ your programs.  Please be clear here, being flexible with your language is not at all about being dishonest, it is about targeting your marketing appropriately to your target market.  For instance, some client groups want mindfulness to help achieve relaxation, while this might not be a focus of a corporate group.  Perhaps for them mindfulness can support focus and productivity.

Read the following article.

Karjalainen, M., Islam, G., & Holm, M. (2021). Scientization, instrumentalization, and commodification of mindfulness in a professional services firm. Organization, 28(3), 483–509.