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6. Physical and tactile learners

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6. Physical and tactile learners

Practical learners process information effectively when they use their bodies and when they are actually doing something. They put their learning into practice.

Strategies for teaching physical and tactile learners:

  • Use physical exercises and provide hands-on experiences.
  • Exercises where they are standing and walking are very effective.
  • Include activities where they use a pen and paper to map out their thoughts and problem-solve because writing is a physical exercise.
  • Find a venue that provides these learners with large spaces so they can write and draw.
  • Encourage them to draw diagrams, graphs and maps.
  • Get them to interact with physical objects or solve puzzles.
  • Role-playing.
  • Provide real life examples, such as, case studies.
  • Suggest reviewing their notes whilst they engage in physical activity.
  • Ask them to teach other class members some of the lesson content.
  • When you are asking them to visualise, explain the sensations that would be felt, such as, “The wind was forcibly hitting against the left side of my body.”