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3. Verbal learners

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3. Verbal learners

Verbal learners favour using words and linguistic skills – in speech and in writing, such as, reading, writing, listening or speaking. They like word games, puns and rhymes etc and are often strong public speakers.

Strategies for teaching verbal learners:

  • Use verbal teaching and writing activities.
  • Ask them to discuss or present.
  • Use acronyms or mnemonic devices.
  • Get the class to read aloud. Try to get them to read in a varied way rather than in monotone.
  • Role-playing, for example, practicing activities of clients demonstrating to their friends/family.
  • Ask them to teach members of the group certain material.
  • Suggest they reread and rewrite their notes, including summaries.
  • Incorporate quizzes.
  • Show them or provide them with lists of key words.
  • Providing these clients with a combination of information in a variety of verbal ways can assist their learning, for example, they may initially read about a concept, afterwards they listen to an audio to support what has been read, then they write notes and finally they partner up with someone and discuss the topic.