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2. Aural learners

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2. Aural learners

Aural learners respond to sound, music, recordings, rhymes, rhythms etc. They remember conversations well and music causes an emotional response in them.

Strategies for teaching aural learners:

  • Encourage your clients to participate in discussions.
  • If reading is required suggest audio books if appropriate.
  • Suggest for them to listen to music as they go over material.
  • Allow recordings of your training sessions or make your lessons accessible via online course platforms – this is also helpful for other learning types.
  • Get clients to pair up and explain concepts to each other.
  • Encourage problem-solving aloud.
  • Suggest rereading their notes back to themselves when they get home.
  • Use mnemonic devices and rhyming.
  • If you are explaining a story, play relevant sounds from your computer.