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1. Visual learners

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1. Visual learners

Visual learners

Visual learners retain information more effectively when visual aids are used, such as, pictures, images, film clips, colours and diagrams. They’re also good at understanding visual data presented in maps, charts and graphs.

Strategies for teaching visual learners:

  • Use visual aids – most other learners will benefit from visual elements as well.
  • Provide visual analogies and metaphors to help with visual imagery.
  • Sometimes graphics are not easy to use for specific topics but consider writing key points in front of the class as this provides visual cues.
  • Substitute words for colours and pictures.
  • Ask the client to write down explanations and take notes because this entails looking at your presentation or visualising what you’re presenting.
  • Colour or emphasises key points in text.
  • Avoid using large blocks of text.
  • Include exercises where the students create mind maps.
  • Use storytelling to help with visualisation.
  • Colour-code and organise any materials you provide as this helps organise things in their minds.
  • Get clients to visualise using phrases, such as, “Picture this”, “Let’s see what you would do.”