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My name is Carrina Hampton. I am the 4MEN program creator, which I did in 2016 with the generous wisdom of my husband and many men in my life. This program draws upon many years of working one-on-one with men in my consultation rooms.

Men who have left their bravado at the door come in raw, honest, vulnerable, and real.
Men who have shared their childhood trauma, their relationship wins, and losses, their life sorrow and heartaches.

This program is built on years of working 1-1 with men before I connected the dots, saw the patterns, and developed a program for all.


Whether you are attending this program in person with a group of other men, or virtually at home – these four concepts are important.

Self-care – working through this program can be challenging and triggering – so I ask you to please consider your own care needs. Find a supportive friend, start a journal, drink less, and play more.

Show respect for yourself, for others, for your past, and for your future. If you are sharing stories about a person, please use their name or role “John” or “My children’s mother”. Do not resort to name-calling with labels in their journey – this will not help your growth.

Stories shared within this program are real – and should be treated with respect and privacy. And the same will be done for you. Please hold these sharings confidential, take the learnings but leave the story where it belongs – with the original person.

Sharing experiences is welcome – but please keep in mind the growth and end goals that we are all working towards.